Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Winter Cup 2008 !!!

2 months later....
I'm going to attempt to get up some news about what most of you who know us have already heard about - probably a LOT!!
The above photo was taken during a practice at Tokai, Zack's high school, as they prepared to play in the all Japan high school basketball tournament over the Christmas holidays. As the tallest player on his team, Zack was being worked on how to play against their first game opposition who have 2 guys from Senegal 10 cm & 13 cm taller than he is!

It's a huge honor to make it to the Winter Cup, where the top team from each prefecture (state) in Japan vie for the honors of being the best. This was Tokai Third's second trip to this tournament. Last year (2007) they lost their first game - and were expected to do the same this year by stats.
It was a big deal for the school since it was the first time ever for the girls and boys basketball teams from the same school to qualify for both the summer all Japan tournament - Inter High - AND the Winter Cup!

Here we are with some of Zack's team mates parents!
This was taken on Christmas day following our unexpected BIG WIN in the first game!!

Proud parents!

Inside the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium - site of the 2008 Winter Cup

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