Monday, September 23, 2013

I Know, I Know!

Yet again I have done miserably at keeping this blog current.
But it's OK,
because the reason the blog has been left behind is because LIFE has been moving forward!
I was blessed to be able to spend a month in the states this summer seeing family and friends and having precious times with them.
*FYI-there may be about 40 pics here with some commentary thrown in here and there and I make no promises to  the order of any of it
I started out in Arizona with John's Mom.
I love this woman.
Her love for God and family and friends speaks volumes.
She has her refrigerator loving covered with all sorts of photos, and these particularly caught my eye.
The top two are of John and his brother... waaaay back when several years ago.
The bottom two are of Heather and Bo's sons quite recently.
Family resemblance....?

I had a really nice visit with her... until the wee hours in the morning the day I was to head to Texas.
It was not the way we would have chosen to end our visit...911...ambulance...trip to the hospital.
Still I am so thankful I was there with her and all is well now with things checked out to prevent a redo of that scare! Thanks to all of  you who sent up prayers.

Once I was certain she would be OK I headed on to Texas. YAY!!!

I got to catch up with several friends from high school and that's always a blast!
Then I headed to Boerne for a morning of hugs, prayers and fellowship at St. John's.
This is always a highlight of my trips back.

I stayed - as always <3 - with a dear friend in Boerne and loved the time to share. We got to catch up with a couple of others for lunch and had fun reminiscing and talking about how much our families have all grown and changed since those days we all home schooled together!

It warmed my heart to see my brother healthy and back out doing what he loves with the horses!

They are at a really nice place not too far from the folks.
There is this little tank that he was anxious to show me...
the dog was excited about it as well ;-p
All those dark spots you see...
No need for a pole and hook - just grab the net!!

Mom and I had a sweet visit with Shawn and Nancy
and of course I loved being around the horses!

Next up, Mississippi!
(well, sort of. my folks drove me in their motorhome and we did make a stopover in Louisiana to see some other family members I rarely get to catch up with. but I think those pics are some where scattered below...)

I got to watch Charles and Will at Karate practice. What a kick! (haha!)
They're both pretty good but I must say big brother takes it more seriously.
We got some Japanese lounge wear for the fam. Yes, Will did get some but by picture time he had all the excitement he could take and was sleeping soundly.
I love that I got to be there with my folks, kids and grandkids all together!
Below is four generations of love!

Nothing like a little one on one with your great-Gramps

He just might be Mommy's boy...

This one definitely takes after Dad!
Quite the gardener, too, just look at that cabbage! 

Bo & Heather treated me to dinner in Memphis at Texas de Brazil. A-MA-ZING!!!
Then we walked a bit on Beale Street and were entertained by the Beale Street Flippers.

...future Duck Dynasty-ers...

I had a great week with the boys before it was back to school!

Well, about those 40 pics - apparently you cannot upload quite that many at once, so this is nowhere near all I have to share, but due to things beyond my control (or perhaps my lack of computer knowhow) seems that is all for this session.
I will really really really try to get more up soon. REALLY!
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