Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter morning 2011..Glorious!
God is SO GOOD!
even when we slip...
After postponing the Easter event from Saturday to Sunday due to scary weather we were thrilled to wake to a beautiful, sunny, warm Easter morning!

We arrived early and after hiding between 700-800 colored eggs! plus the 12 Resurrection Eggs, the folks started arriving.
Some of the kids enjoyed the playground while the adults all got signed in.
By the end of sign-in we had 122 people!! YAY!!!!
Getting ready to pass out the baskets and start the hunt!
 You go left, you go right, I'll look under here...
 Counting up the take and getting ready to hear the Easter Story.
 Let's find out what's in those special eggs...
 and what they mean!
 Story told and now to feed all those hungry hunters.
That just about does it. 
Thanks to John's Monday Moms for helping out so much!
 Worth every ounce of effort to help her come to know Him...
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

almost Easter

Yes, it is! Tomorrow! Easter! THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY... HE ROSE UP!!!!
Today was scheduled to be the annual Easter Story telling/egg hunt/sausage cook out for all John and Mako's English students- with around 145 people signed up to come! At 7a.m. it was spitting rain and by 7:30 was getting steadily heavier and darker looking outside. The location for the event is a small riverside park. We were to meet there at 9 to get set up and start at 10:30. John and Mako spoke on the phone and decided the best plan was to postpone til tomorrow. After all, the forecast called for 100% rain increasing in strength throughout the day! Also, it said tomorrow will be sunny! And what better day to tell the Easter Story than on Easter Day!!
So they began the task of contacting all those people to let them know of the change in plans. For some it was a good change... others had conflicts... to be expected.
You might recall that last year they held this event on April 17th. On that morning we woke up to see the ground covered in snow!!!! Yet they proceeded with the plans and it turned out wonderful!
So... here it is 2:25p.m. and the rain... hasn't happened!!!
It isn't sunny. But it isn't raining either.
And why should anyone be surprised???
After all, we all prayed for the rain to hold off!
sound familiar?
Pray for something - get what you asked for - and you're surprised...!?
Must be a lesson in there somewhere.
Again and again He proves Himself to us, and yet we stumble in our trust.
So, guess what we're all praying for now...?
We'll let you know how the Easter Sunday Easter Story event goes.
God bless you each one as you celebrate the fact that HE IS RISEN INDEED!!!!!!