Wednesday, June 20, 2012

They are the CHAMPIONS!!!!!!

OK... this my third time to try this post...
But the thrill of the victory is worth the effort!

The Tokai Seagulls are the Champions
of the 52nd Annual Kanto Rookie Tournament!!!!
They beat out the three years running champs in the semi-final game on Saturday by 16 points to secure their spot in the final game.  On Sunday they faced the team they lost out by one point to in last years games to keep them out of the top four, so they were ready for redemption. Redeem they did!!!!
We are so happy for and very proud of them all, naturally most of all Zack.
Stats are kept for the final four games and awards are presented for several categories' top players. Zack received an MVP award for his team!

he was awarded the trophy for the Top Rebounder of the tournament!!!
In four games he had 67 rebounds!!!
26 Offense, 41 Defense
(he was #1 in those two categories as well)

In addition he came in 6th in Assists, 5th in Total Points & Points per Game, and 3rd in Field Goals. WOOHOO!!!
Following are some action shots from some of the games. 

Oh yea, this was the cover of the tournament program... we like it! 
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