Monday, July 26, 2010


Hi folks!!
Yes, I do realize that every post I make begins with..."I'm soooo far behind..."
I've concluded that behind is preferable to non-existent ;-}

Zack and the Tokai 3 team left early this morning for Okinawa and the All Japan Summer tournament. They'll have practice games today, tomorrow and Wednesday, and the opening ceremony. Their first game is the afternoon of the 29th....GO TOKAI 3!!!!!!

John and I ...and a swarm of others from all across Japan, will converge on Okinawa the 28th to cheer on our respective teams. We would ask for your prayers for safe travel, good health and games without injury. Obviously, every team goes with big hopes and dreams. We pray that they play to the best of their ability, have fun, and be proud of their accomplishments.

We hear the daytime and nighttime temps in Okinawa are basically the same -- HOT!! We're hoping the gyms there - unlike here - are condition controllable!

Here's to believing we'll return from the tournament with great memories and happy news to share with you!!

Ian will remain in Nagano for work and watch over the house and the dogs while we're away. He's planning a little BBQ for friends so we pray that goes well and the neighbors don't have any grumps.

Most of you have heard of Bo's Dad's cancer and it is in the final stages. He's suffering greatly and of course it's so very hard on the family to witness. Please pray for God's peace, strength and comfort for each of them as they go through this and for the healing in the days to come.

Take care and drink lots of water!!!! It's HOT out there!