Tuesday, September 14, 2010


(-: Just had to say it :-)
Every day more!
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Just because :-)

Every year in August, Nagano City hosts a huge festival on the streets
in the main downtown area between the train station and the temple.
We joined some friends and went to wander and watch the festivities.
The shop where Ian works is right in the middle of it all so we popped by to say 'Hi' .
And since there are so few times when I get a picture with him I couldn't resist including it here...
...just because!
Isn't he a cutie!
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Bible Story Sausage Cookout 2010

The 10th of August we were back at the small riverside park for this years Bible Story and sausage cookout.
72 people joined in this year and we even had a few Dads come along with Mom and the kids this year!
It was great to see them join the activity, especially on a week day morning!
God blessed us with wonderful weather for the event
and as usual John starts out with some English activities to get thier attention and get things started.
The story this year was 'Jonah and the Whale'.
John read the story - bit by bit - in English,
followed by Pastor Kitamura reading the related verses in Japanese from the Bible.
Then Naoko would tell it for the kids using the awesome props she and her husband created from their family print shop.
After the Bible story the kids played a few games to work up their appetites while John got the sausages done on the grill.
Every year we have sausage dogs and tuna noodle salad and every year we hear how good the food and fun the story time were.
God IS good!
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Annual Kids/Moms Cooking Class

On August 5th, the day after returning from watching Zack's team take third place honors in Okinawa, we led the annual cooking class for elementary kids and their Moms at the local community center where John teaches every Thursday afternoon.
As has been the case every year we had a full house!
You can see,
they're very serious about thier cooking
with all their aprons and head covers ;-)
And since it is an "English" cooking class John starts out the morning with some English songs and questions for the chefs-to-be.
The menu this year was grilled cheese sandwiches, potato chip salad and fruit cocktail cake.
Everyone had lots of fun preparing the meal and more eating it!
Yes.. it was HOT in that room and John's shirt shows it!!!
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