Tuesday, February 24, 2009

in case any of you are wondering...

Much to our shagrin Onyx is STILL a conehead!!!!!
At least part of the time.
Plus we had to add the muzzle...
His foot is no longer bandaged and the cone and muzzle are only at night and when we're gone.
There remains the tiniest little spot of unhealed area and if left "free" either Onyx, or his partner in crime, Ebony, cannot be trusted to not lick it to the point of....
any way...it's so ridiculous now that when he doesn't have them on and is in the room with John he goes and picks up the cone and brings it to him as if to say, ' are you sure I'm not supposed to have this on?!?'
As you can see, after 4 plus months, the cone is showing signs of great distress! And this is his second one!!

Any extra whispers to God on Onyx behalf can't hurt ;-}

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