Wednesday, February 25, 2009

and it gets better!

OK ! For some reason unknown to me the pictures for this post below disappeared and since I don't know how to add them back in there I just redid the whole thing here - Sorry!
This is the Jan. '09 edition of a popular national basketball magazine here and it is featuring the 2008 Winter Cup

Unknown to us... or to Zack!!!...his name would show up a lot in this issue!

From ALL the teams that qualify to play in the Winter Cup, no matter their final standing, the top 5 players for the tournament are recognized.And YES!!!! Zack was one of those five!!!!!!!!

There were two seniors, two juniors and Zack - a sophomore, chosen.

They said he was the most improved player in the tournament among those that had played in the summer Inter High All Japan Tournament.


In the six categories of player rankings Zack was named in four!!

Top scorers in one game - #14 with 32 points in their opening game

-and the only 1st year player listed (high school here is 3 years)

among the Top 16 teams;

tied for 10th in steals; one of two 1st year players

# 7 in overall average scoring at an average of 24 points per game;

and again the only 1st year player

and last but not least...rebounds

#2 with an average of 16 per gameand again the only 1st year player listed

Yes indeed folks! Mom & Dad were beaming!!!!!

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