Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random catch-ups

Yes! Yes! Long overdue!
I could start my list of excuses...
instead I'll just tell you about the pictures ;-}
These ladies and children are first & foremost our friends!
They are all John's students, some several times a week!
A couple are some of our new neighbors as well.
Takako, the lady between John & I, has moved and this was her farewell luncheon.
We miss her and her family!

This was our annual Christmas caroling at Nagano Station with members from Nagano area churches and friends. The cute Santa pair are mom & daughter neighborhood friends of ours, and also John's English students.

Though much milder than Nagano winters past we have had some snow. I'm so thankful to report that I've only found ice in the shower one morning thus far!! WooHoo!

No! It's not the latest super-hero in Japan! Well... maybe ;-}

Ian and his best friend, Ken, have taken up snow-boarding this winter and absolutely love it!!!

Ian has wanted to try this since we moved to Nagano and is making the most of it now that he has.

They hit the slopes at every opportunity and promise some 'in the snow' shots.

I'm waiting...

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