Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not just a basketball player...

This is the 2009 edition of Tokai Third High Schools' new student booklet.
Front cover - recognize anyone?!

We figure they must be looking to promote themselves as more 'international' ;-)

There are pictures of various class scenes, sports activities, the campus, etc.
Lots of articles and photos telling why you would want to choose Tokai for your high school!

(I know - this one is fuzzy - sorry! It's a picture of a picture in the book!)
As most schools in Japan , they do wear uniforms. Still, don't they look happy!?
Naturally, we thought it was pretty impressive that Zack is on the front cover
and in three other shots in the booklet!
Ian couldn't believe they didn't spotlight him in the basketball section showing his dunk!?!
Maybe next year....

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