Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanksgiving time together

The Hefners & Whites managed to get together to share in giving thanks this year.
With our family so spread out it's such a gift to be able to get together to keep our bonds intact.
Those of you who may live close to family and are able to pop in on each other regularly,
Please know what a special blessing that is!
Give thanks!!!!

Looks like Will thought he might do a little "harvesting" of his own.
How that grin fills my heart with joy!

Not sure - maybe Charles is making a list of all he has to be thankful for...

Our sons-in-love, Ben & Bo, obviously were not wanting to pose
as they had their minds on a little Thanksgiving hunting.

While Daeon & Heather seem happy to share their joyful smiles!
Sure do love all of you!!

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