Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Rookie Tournament" Nov. 08

Nov. 28 - 30 was the Nagano Prefecture "Rookie Tournament"
meaning that only 1st & 2nd year members played,
remember high school in Japan is 3 years, not 4.

They also recognized and gave awards to the 12 players selected for the prefecture team for the summer tournament.
Teh team is chosen from players in the top 4 teams in the previous tournament.

This year there were 6 players from Zack's team, Tokai Third, 3 from the 2nd place team, 2 from 3rd, and 1 from 4th.
They do the same for the girls teams.

Seems the rookie teams that make the final four are almost always from the same four schools.
Year to year they shuffle position a bit but rarely does another school make it to the finals.

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