Monday, November 10, 2008

Random musings

Hi there! Been a bit since I updated so thiought I'd better add something...

The snippet of mountain still in our view is rapidly taking on the colors of change in season. When you catch a clear day the trees are so vibrant and gorgeous it really causes you to stop and marvel and say, " WOW! Thanks for the beauty God!"

This is our dear friend Yuki. We met the first time we moved to Japan - 19 years ago!! Her family has lived all over the globe and we are so blessed to count them as friends. Thailand is presently their place of residence and Yuki frequently comes to Nagano for seminars, so whenever possible we meet for a bit of a catch-up. It's wonderful! She was here this weekend -and we were too! No basketball!!

Isn't she beautiful?!! A gift from Yuki's favorite shop and a special addition to my collection! I love it!

After a visit to the vet we tested Onyx without the cone - he failed the test - so this is a quick shot after breakfast before he returned to being the Conehead. We have, however, been able to let Ebony join him again and they both seem quite pleased to be sharing the same space again.

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