Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Do you know what this is?

While we were out searching for fall colors on Saturday we stopped by this very popular farm about an hour from our house.
In the shops here you can buy this vegetable in SO MANY forms!!
Fresh - of course!! Oroshi - meaning finely grated. Pickled. As a spice in pickling various other vegetables.
Chocolate! Noodles! Chips! Sake! Ice cream! Beer! Wine! Jelly! Candied! and more!!

Do you know what they plant and grow in these rows of gravel and water?
It's grown here to maturity and then harvested.
Primarily for the root.....
though they do use the leaves as well.

There are 'fields' of this as far as you can see!
And this day there were workers out in many areas tending the plants in all different stages of growth.

Probably most popularly used in sushi!! YES!
It is wasabi! Japanese horseradish.

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