Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy Spot Club!!!!!

It all started about three years ago when...
this wonderful young woman decided she wanted to use her life to make other people HAPPY!!!!
So take your shoes off, wiggle your toes, get comfy and enjoy the pictures.
There are
Balloon art was plentiful and SO FUN!
There were blocks for building and creating.
A monkey or two hanging around...
All sorts of aircraft
(all made from recycled plastic bottles, cassette tapes, etc.)
People came from all over...
even the North Pole!
this group of university girls made music using only household goods,
like brooms, wooden spoons, pots and pans
The event was scheduled from 10am-4pm
It was months in the making and preparation.
Set up started the day before with people from every walk of life involved and volunteering their time and talents.

Last year there were about 300 people that came to see what the "Happy Spot Club Square Annual Event" had to offer. They dreamed of having about 500 come this year.
People started trickling in just before 10am 

A few squirrels were spotted
Most everyone was anxious to get a chance to talk with Santa
the young, and the young-at-heart
Notice the 'kid' in the center of this picture?
He was smiling and waving every time he saw me lift the camera ;-)
The crowd grew bit by bit as the front stage moved from event to event
I LOVE taiko drums!!!!!
And this mixed group of all ages was GREAT!!!
The leader, center, had more energy as he performed than I could muster in a month!

This slightly more 'mature' group was pretty impressive as well.
Especially when you consider that with their physical challenges all but two could use only one hand. Bravo!
Santa made fast friends with this sweet little man.
His smile just melted me...
and this bunny was too cute not to snap a shot  
Santa's new friend from above and his entourage lit up the stage
followed by their younger counterparts
Even the cheerleaders came out !
It was a long, exhausting, inspiring and wonderful time!
Looking forward to next year!
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