Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2013 March for Jesus

March 25th was the annual March for Jesus held by the area churches in downtown Nagano City.
We had great weather for the event this year. It was sunny yet not so hot to be uncomfortable.

The group always gathers in front of Nagano Station and we have a prayer before we start out on the march around town.
There is a major renovation going on in and around the station. They started last year and expect the whole process to take about three years!

See those yellow and black banners? They've been waving all around Nagano for the past month or so. A Christian group from around Fukushima travels all over Japan evangelizing and spreading the Gospel. They stand on street corners with their banners flying, passing out gospel tracts, often with speakers proclaiming the Word.

When they heard us singing hymns they asked if they could join in our march. YAY!
They never stay for extended periods in any one place but do work hard extending the offer of Christ where ever they are.

Street corner evangelism is very uncommon in Japan but these folks don't let that stop them!

You might think that is a grand church in the background, and it's built to look like one, but it is one of many wedding halls where elaborate and expensive wedding parties are held - and almost never are Christian weddings.

This year we only had about fifty people turn out for the march. We always pray for a bigger group than before but....

Our march takes us through an area of town known as the "Gondo".
While there are all sorts of shops and businesses located here it is most known for its many drinks shops and night life.

We always walk through the 'Gondo tunnel' singing God's praises and praying that some will not only hear, but listen and be changed by what they hear.

We plant the seeds and wait for His Harvest!

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