Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cooling Thoughts in the Summer Heat

Now that it's finally warming up here I thought it seemed like a good time to post some forgotten pictures from back in February to cool  your thoughts.

Every year the town just south of the ski resort village where I teach holds a snow festival. This year was more of a challenge than normal.

Several of the local schools and businesses go all out creating snow art.

Most years there is an over abundance of the white art material and they have to truck loads of it out to make room for the festivities and make the roads getting there passable.

NOT this year!!!

The artisits still managed to create some pretty impressive sculptures

in spite of the fact that after they had begun working we experienced an unusual couple of days of unordinarily warm temperatures and some rain

which was NOT GOOD for their art!

A great deal of all that snow they had removed had to be replaced with fresh snow from higher up in the mountains to be used to repair and complete their art

There was a bit of very welcomed fresh snowfall just prior to the event.
Enough for the kids, young and not-so-young, to enjoy the day.

You can see some of the mountain areas in the background and they are not nearly as covered in snow as usual in early February.

The sculptures, while impressive, weren't nearly as smooth and pristine as normal due to the weather woes.

The streets are usually packed with snow and all is white.
This "82" is in front of the Hachi-ju (80) Ni (2) bank in town.

There is a new shinkansen line (bullet train) being built and Iiyama will get a new station, therefore lots of shinkansen art this year.
But this year the businesses had trouble gathering enough good snow to decorate in front of their buildings! 

...not sure where found all his snow!

Hmmm, a liquor shop perhaps?
The beer mug and sake set suggest so.

They did still manage the annual kids snow slide but not nearly as big as in previous years. All in all it was still a pretty nice time to be had.
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