Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oh yes! He did!

My sweet husband does love me just THAT MUCH!!!
Last Monday was my birthday.
John always makes me a birthday cake.
It is always delicious!
This year he also prepared my birthday breakfast.
Those of you who read our newsletter (posted below) got a bit of the story behind the breakfast. I thought you might like to see the finished product - just before we devoured it!! The platter was slathered generously with freshly whipped cream, the lovingly cut waffle letters were placed on top of the cream, Reeses's Pieces were strategically sprinkled around (I love pnut butter!) and it was all finished off with a drizzle of warm vanilla butternut syrup.....

Then it was off to morning class for the Chef.
I am off on Mondays so stayed home doing pretty much what ever I felt like ;-)
John got back just in time to take me out for lunch.
We went to a shop that had all-you-can-eat pizza, plus a pasta dish, salad and beverage.
Then, before my Sweetie had to head back off to more classes, he whipped up this taste treat for later after he got back home.

 I had been telling him not to make a cake because with just the two of us here we would never finish it - his cakes are never on the smaller end of the scale.
Also, on the evenings he has later classes we usually don't have a real dinner, rather just some sort of snackie type food to tide us over.
So he opted for a cream cheese 'cake', and a ritz cracker side dish.
With pineapple pieces and chopped walnuts mixed in, coated with walnuts, and trimmed with cherries... shaped in a heart, because he loves me so much... and with two candles - one for 'totally' and the other for 'completely'!
(his words :-) <3 )
It was the perfect end to my very special day.
Thank you God for giving us each other to share it all with!

I received phone calls, emails and more FB wishes than I could count.
God is so great and blesses me so much more than I can ever imagine.
Thanks to all who make my life special by being a part of it!

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