Monday, February 18, 2013

If I want to...

Today is my birthday.
It's been a very wonderful day of being shown and reminded of how super blessed and much loved I am. My heart is happy!
For some unexplained reason, since early this morning this little ditty has been replaying itself in my head....
It's my birthday, and I'll smile if I want to, smile if I want to, smile if I want to...
You would smile too if it happened to you!
I know - not the way the original was written - but I rather like this version ;-)
It was snowing lots when we awoke today and has continued all day. I've sort of just enjoyed watching those flakes fall and gather together to cover everything in their beauty. Makes me think of the way God's grace and blessings continually fall all around us, covering us with His wonderful and pure love.
For all that I have and all that You help me to be I thank you!


andrew belcher said...

A Very Happy birthday to you!!!
God grant you Many Many Years!!!

Andrew (Toby)

andrew belcher said...

Happy Birthday!!!1
God Grant you Many Many Years!!!!