Sunday, February 12, 2012

We got SNOW!!!!!!

And LOTS OF IT in some areas!!!!! This is Nozawaonsen elementary school...

This is what their sports/playground looks like in the winter.

All grades have ski class twice a week :-) They train on the school ground, then head to the slopes.

If you look closely at the first pic and the one above they are basically the same shot - a week apart. The 2 mounds in the bottom left of the above (and bottom center of top pic) are the swings! Below they've plowed a track around the perimeter of the ground for ski practice.

This is the ground at another elementary school I teach at in Mure. The 'towers' are snowmen the kids built in class vs. class competition.

This is the view out the 3rd floor window in front of that school.

And especially for those of you who are school staffers... this is the VP on the roof shoveling the snow off! She does it OFTEN!

This is back at Nozawaonsen. The main floor doors that lead out to the school ground...not in use in the snow season.

This is where the students and teachers enter and change their shoes. Winter time everyone has snowboots, of course! And yes, that IS snow in the window - it slides of the roof -shaking the building like a major earthquake - into huge piles that would bury a greyhound bus.

This is the view one snowy morning from the first floor teachers room.

The road that comes in to  the school needs lots of help in the winter.

Again, the playground. And the snowplow which needs a plow to get it out!

A couple more playground pics..

My car! after only being parked there for an hour!

Getting in the first floor doors can be somewhat troublesome.

The drive to school....

I have lots more and will get some of them up soon I hope. Til then... stay warm!

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