Sunday, February 12, 2012

...more snow pics

The more mountainous areas have some serious snow removal equipment.

Though I am not at all a fan of cold, I must admit to loving some of the fantastic sights it produces that I'm so blessed to enjoy on my long drives.

Just how much do you think that extra snow roof weighs????

Not much traffic in or out of this garage recently, eh!
There are lots of pretty impressive icicles to be seen. Just beware and far away when they fall!!

Really, this can't be good for these trucks.

The roads they did areally good job clearing. The rooftops on the other hand...

Lots of places board over the first floors windows to prevent breakage when the snow slides off the roof.

It's sometimes a bit eery driving through the walls of snow in the mountain areas.

Could be tough to get into this business!

And I said they board over the first floor windows... if you look close you'll see that they also take it to the second floor in some areas!

And I don't think they use those stairs to reach the second floor much!
NO idea how the folks get to that back house!!!!
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