Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa Claus is coming!

If you don't think so just watch this!

Indeed he is coming! In fact he's been sighted in downtown Nagano off and
on all through this month.
The normally very busy and somber faced are full of smiles and surprise and are anxious to shake hands or get a picture with the jolly man from the North Pole.
Santa has passed out hundreds of candy canes and bibles that will tell those who read them the true Christmas story.
It's a very busy season for Santa as he spreads the news of Jesus and all that He offers.
With great joy he strolls the streets greeting all with a hearty HO!HO!HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS! and sharing that Jesus IS the reason we celebrate.
We pray that the Truth of Christmas will be contagious!
May you be filled with the joy of Jesus this Christmas season!

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Daeon White said...

Aww! Santa looks so snazzy in his suit, making everyone smile! Love it :)