Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The first weekend of this month was a kind of mini-at-home-vacation for John and I. Thursday, the 3rd, was Japan's Culture Day and so no school or classes. John always has Friday off and that week so did I so we were looking for some excitement... that would work with our budget - or lack thereof. We decided to drive a bit to see some of the autumn colors and visit some area zoos...for the first time! Geeez...we've only lived here for seven and a half years, don't want to rush into it or anything. Any way, they aren't the biggest or best, but very reasonable..some even free! It was nice for the two of us to have the time to just wander around and enjoy.

So these are some of the faces we enjoyed along the way...

Not sure what secrets these two were sharing but they were very close!

This big guy was really carrying on with John! He kept swaying back and forth and reaching his trunk out through the bars and if we moved he moved in the same direction. Just before we walked inside his barn we saw a bamboo stick fly through the air... guess he wanted someone's attention!

There was a great exhibit of Lesser (Red) Pandas that we really enjoyed. These little fellas must not have an agressive hair on their snuggly bodies! As we walked through their areas they would stroll - literally! - right over our heads! Sometimes stopping to take a closer look at the visitors - and they were CLOSE!

These baby monkeys were having a great time playing chase and then slipping down the slide together.

Something caught his eye! Enough that he stood up to check it out!!
Posted by PicasaSo not anything too news worthy to report, but it was fun getting out together, enjoying the nice fall weather and a lot of God's great creation.
Thanks God! It was fun!

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