Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!

!Happy Halloween!
No, it isn't a huge event in Japan, but it is a popular and fun subject for English classes.
It's more like when we were kids in that it's just plain fun without all the negative connotations.
This is a weekly class I teach and these girls L-O-V-E to have fun!
The annual Halloween party that John and our friend Mako hold for their English students was this past Saturday. Since they are English students John tries to get them all to use a little of what they've learned as they begin to arrive.

As more show up all decked out for the day everyone is checking out who came as what.

By the time the activities started there were about 170 people there to enjoy all they had planned!
There were songs and games and lots of running and joyful squeals...

...and before settling down for lunch there was - of course! - Trick-or-Treating!
There were six doors the kids could visit and with a 'knock knock' and 'trick or treat' they received lots of goodies.
We were pretty well worn out by the time it ended but it was well worth it to see the fun the kids (small AND big alike!) had.
We look forward to seeing them all again at the Christmas party and hope they'll bring their friends, too!

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