Monday, October 17, 2011


Hello there to whoever of you may still check in here once in a blue moon to see if I've said anything new!
I truly want to get to a point that I update this blog..with pics and meaningful info on our lives..on a semi-some-what regular basis. I really do! I just haven't quite worked out the how yet.
I've been back in Japan just barely over 3 weeks now after my 2 month trip to the states. 3 weeks...seems so short and so long simultaneously.
I was so happy to realize that I didn't have classes on the day after my return, as I had thought. It gave me a chance to get unpacked and take a few breaths before diving head first back in to life here.
John and Ian spent a lot more than usual time together in my absence, which I count as a big plus. And they did a pretty awesome job of having the house in good shape when I stepped back in! Thanks guys!!!
John and I managed to sneak away and go see Zack and his team play basketball in one of their league games. He had the time to sit and visit a good bit before their game and I loved every moment! Their home-coming games are this coming weekend and we'll go to cheer them on. They're currently in second place in their league and Zack is playing some in every game so far this season.
I'm in full swing in my class schedule and have already had two 'demo' classes where teachers and school officials from around the area come to observe a class, and have another the end of this month.
I had the chance to go spend an evening with some ladies to watch the movie "No Greater Love". Liz, a friend here from Waco with her husband, was our hostess and four Japanese women joined us. It was a nice evening of fellowship and a chance for them to see a Christian movie and ask questions. Thanks much Liz for including me!
There are several activities going on in the Christian community here this month and it gets busier as we draw closer to Christmas. I ask you to please keep us, and all the Christians here, in your prayers, that we may reach many of the unsaved through the opportunities in the activities that will take place in the next several weeks.
There is still constant need and much activity going on the areas that suffered worst in  the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. Please don't let all those needs slip from your prayers.
I have tons of pictures and much more I could talk about but I figured something was better than nothing...hope you agree.
Thank you from the bottom of our humble hearts for all your prayers and support of every kind.
May God's blessings be abundant in your life!

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