Saturday, May 7, 2011

He is my strength...

..the hurrier I go , the behinder I get!
I've heard this expression all my life. Recently it rings all too true.
I have great intentions - really.      Which alarmingly brings to mind another oft heard saying... 'the road to ____ is paved with good intentions'
Those good intentions must be followed up by real actions.
If I would actually DO the things I think about I would get much accomplished.

The new school year here in Japan is back in full swing and my calendar is fuller than ever with classes that take me in a different direction daily. I teach at four different schools, five days a week, and two classes one evening a week. I thank God for the opportunities these classes give me to connect with so many people that we otherwise would likely never reach. The schools here allow, even encourage!, talking about God and Christianity! WOW!!  Admittedly, it's mostly because it's something new to them and a subject to contrast their lives to that of other countries. That's O.K. It's an open door to inviting them to know more and for God to use any seeds to increase His harvest!

My current struggle with this full schedule has a few different facets. One of these is the fact that there isn't the time to go to some of the places affected by the March 11th earthquake and tsunami to physically lend aid. Sometimes this bothers me. I pray - LOTS. I check on the sites via internet to see what the current needs are and what's being done so I know better what to pray for. Still I sometimes feel bad that I cannot be physically there doing something.
The chance I had to go with others to a shelter and witness firsthand so many that have lost so much touched my heart and soul. I talked, as best I could, with a  few. Mostly listened as they poured out their hearts. I promised to pray for them. I do.

And now, in addition to all those here, the recent attack of tornadoes in the states has come much too close to so many family members and friends there. Thank God that He does hear every prayer. He knows every one of us personally and completely. Whether we know Him or not.

All this only serves to make the urgency I feel for those who do not know Him even more so.
"The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. " Psalm 28:7a NIV
HE IS!!! How do they make it without Him???

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to introduce our Lord to so many. And further so to be assisted and encouraged by so many of you by your prayers and  financial offerings. They do so much more than you can imagine to encourage us and nudge us on when we become weak or weary.

Thank you. God bless each of you.

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