Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Hi Folks!
With all the weather related trouble that's happening recently all around our world I keep hearing the phrase "natural disaster". Each time, I cannot help but wonder how and why that term came to be? I see them as disasters of nature... but I see nothing natural about them!
Whatever it is you refer to them as they are devastating.
Most recently we get so much information concerning the tornadoes and flooding in the U.S. and the untold numbers of people being affected. Many of these areas are where we have family and friends. We praise God that so far as we've heard they are all safe! Several have been a part of the relief efforts.
We pray for all those there as we continue to pray for the masses here in Japan still struggling with day to day existence since March 11th.
Today I got this link, http://www.boston.com/news/world/asia/articles/2011/05/09/quake_shifted_japan_towns_now_flood_at_high_tide/?camp=misc%3Aon%3Ashare%3Aarticle , from a dear friend. I hope you'll take the few minutes to read it. It's about the current situation in Ishinomaki, a town that was closest to the epicenter of the 3/11 earthquake.
While on the one hand it is heart-breaking, it is on the other an encouragement to read how the residents there are coping and keep going forward and doing the best they can with what their circumstances are.
It should be nudge for those of us fortunate enough not to have lost family, friends or possessions to do our best and make the most of our every day, no matter what.
I place myself first on the list of those needing that nudge.
May each one be encouraged and blessed by His love, peace and grace!

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