Monday, January 17, 2011

A chill in the air...

OK...a bit after 7pm I finished, or stopped any way, shoveling snow out in front of our house. It started falling Saturday and has barely stopped since. John has done a good share of shoveling as well, and while I stick to our drive way and the road in front of our house - he often helps out a couple of the nearest neighbors with their snow, too! What a guy :-)
Any way, a bit after coming in I looked at our INDOOR thermometer - located in a room not running a heater at the time - and it read 36 degrees F.  So I decided to check the outside thermometer just to see... 31*F. TRUE!
Yes, I believe winter is in Nagano, and in our house, in full swing!
Not to worry though - I'm now in the back room with the heater on and it's a toasty 58*F - Yay!

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