Monday, October 25, 2010

American Homestay...Japan style !?!

Last month (Sept.) I got a call from a friend, Becky, here in Nagano who is university English professor. She's been in Japan more than 20 years and does her best to befriend all who cross her path and goes out of her way to help out in any way she can.
One of her 4th year students, Keiko, soon to graduate, was searching for a family to do do an English homestay with. She wanted to go to the states... but time and $$$ made that impossible, so... she wondered about doing a "mini-homestay" with an American family - in Nagano City!
We talked a little and realized that in our overbooked schedules we both had time to make it happen thanks to the weekend and a calendar "red" day (Japanese holiday). So I gave Keiko a call and we scheduled her homestay with us from the 16th -21st!
Her first night with us we grilled homemade hamburgers outside :-)
*contrary to the look on John's face they were DELICIOUS!! The camera caught him as he was making some comment ...
The next day we made soft tacos for lunch and shared with the ladies that normally have Friday free-talk lunch time with John.
That evening we were going to our neighbors so John taught Keiko how to make rice krispie treats. We took some to share and the rest went to Zack the next day ;-)
We took her to watch the basketball tournament and deliver the snacks when she met Zack.
On Sunday Keiko joined us at both the morning Japanese worship service and the afternoon English service that John leads.
It was a short stay but we enjoyed it and think she did, too!
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