Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Your guess is as good as mine!

OK! So John drops me off at home after Bible study and is off to do English classes the rest of the day and back home about 8:15 tonight.
Ian has the day off work so I don't know if he'll be home or out and about.
He is at home. Relaxing. Playing video game football.
It isn't cold yet... today not even really so cool... so I'm kind of wondering to myself 'why the hood?'
But not totally out of the ordinary for him so I don't verbalize my thought.

Soon, we are in the same room chit chatting about nothing in particular when Ian asks me,
"want to see something really crazy?"
I casually nod and say, "sure".

First he takes a bite of cheesecake and sticks his tongue out ...
totally gross and he knows I'll tell him so

this was to lead me into....


I have no idea so don't even ask! Just because he could is as good as I can figure.
Self administered. Now he's trying to decide just how he wants me to dress it up with the clippers....
All the same length? A little longer in the mohawk fashion down the middle?

When he makes up his mind I'll try to get another shot to share with you ;-}
Ahhhh...... youth!

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Daeon White said...

An Open Letter to Mom:
Thank you for always letting us express our indivuduality through multi-attempts and not-so-natural hair colors. And never freaking out.
You're the coolest :).
And tell Ian I think it rocks.

Your once upon a time purple, orange, black, red, and blonde headed daughter.