Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yes! More Basketball!

This was a 3 day weekend in Japan, and an opportunity for a 3-day pre-Winter Cup tournament at Tokai. They invited 8 high school teams from other prefectures and played 6 games each in the 3 days (more including the B-team games). Besides the games, there was a lot of practice and warm-ups....
and more shooting practice and warm-ups! And this week for Tokai even more as they won only 5 of their 6 games...!
All the Tokai parents are quite accustomed to this - waiting - a lot! On this day about an hour and a half while their boys, being the host team, put away all the equipment, chairs, cleaned the floors and bathrooms; waited for the Coach to come out to talk to them about the weekend games and what the coming weeks activities would be - and then finally got to take a snack break!
And THEN came over and said a quick 'Thank you for coming! See you next time.", before heading off to......... shoot some hoops!!!!! No! I am not kidding! Gotta love it! :-)
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