Friday, April 5, 2013

Livin' the Life!

Always room for improvement, but I am doing a little better at not letting quite so much time lapse between postings.
Even in this, our 'slow' time (at least for classes), we've all been keeping pretty busy.

 In March, John and I celebrated another year of being blessed to share love and life together as husband and wife.                                         

God is so good!

Ian has just finished up another winter of work at Hakuba Resort. He took full advantage of the free boarding on his days off, often visiting the snow park to hone his skills on the rails, jumps and all that other stuff I don't know the names for ;-)      Lots of bumps, bruises and sore parts, but thankfully nothing was broken... well, except for his favorite board on his last day out - OUCH! Better the board than the body I believe! (and he did have boarders insurance to cover it - yay!)
He's doing more and more music events all the time, too, so keeps him busy.

Zack and several of his team members just returned from Taiwan, where they had some special practices and games with both university and pro teams there.  Always busy with basketball, and classes for his junior year start up next week.  As defending national university champions they have their work cut out for them in the coming year! 

then there's this!
John and I have always tried to have a regular 'date night' to share together, it's good for the marriage relationship :-)

So, last week we were at a local restaurant and happened to see a friend that was there with a group of folks. She asked us to come back where they were sitting and meet some of them - a couple were members of the Shinshu Pro Wrestlers.
Introductions.. handshakes.. then WHAMMO!  A chin chopper!

Then hands were locked and it was on!

Arms in the air!!!


Scowls and growls as the arms went down!


And then John managed to get the masked man in a head scrubber!


The challenge was made and met!
They will meet in the ring on June 22nd!!!!!!!

maybe I got a little dramatic...
but it was fun ;-) !

So the friend we saw is a care worker. She is also very involved with a local group in Nagano - The Happy Spot Club. This group does many things in the Nagano area to benefit the under privileged such as handicapped persons, children that have been abused or orphaned, the elderly, and those living in care centers.  The two masked wrestlers that were there that night volunteer lots of time to do events with them.  We told them that we would love to  get involved and help out at events whenever our schedules would permit.  Immediately we were told of their big event coming up on June 22nd. Initially John offered to be a summer Santa for the event, then after meeting the wrestlerrs they thought it would be great if he were to have a match with "Great Mucha"... and so... after a lifetime of watching it on TV with our children...  Big Daddy is entering the ring!      All prayers welcomed!
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