Sunday, November 18, 2012

Looking Back...

 Early fall in Japan means rice! Every where you go there are rice fields of every size and shape imagineable, and October is harvest time.

 Once the rice is cut it is hung up to dry.
 Some hang it in single rows.
 Others layer it.
 And after the rice is gathered from the stalks they are dried a bit more.
 I think there must be as many styles of doing this as there are farmers!

 I find it interesting to see all the different artistic methods they have for bundling the stalks.
 After drying the rice straw can be used for many things.
 Though sometimes they simply grind it all up for disposal.
This time of year we are usually fortunate to have some of John's English students give us gifts of new rice from their family's recent harvest and it is so good!
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