Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Holiday Surprise

Hope it's starting out a wonderful new year for all of you!
!Who can believe we're already 11 days into 2012!?!
Ours seems to be off to a good beginning :-)
After a great Christmas here with Ian, John and I headed off to Tokyo to cheer Zack and his team in the 2012 Japan Cup.
In this tournament the cream of the crop in basketball here, from high school to the pros, all play together - and all play to win! The 'big boys' don't cut the younger teams any slack! So naturally a pro team always comes out on top in the end but it's an exciting time getting there.
The first game for the Tokai Seagulls was with an adult company team from Hokkaido. The college boys jumped in and beat them 96 - 67!!!!! WooHoo!!!!!

The second (and Seagulls final) game for them was against a top pro team. They fought hard but couldn't pull that one off. Zack played in both games and did well.
There were some really tall guys wondering around Tokyo!
After the last game John and I had planned to leave the following morning and go up through Sendai and some of the areas worst hit by last years tsunami to see what the current situation is. Our plans got changed.
Coach told the boys they could take a couple of days and go home if they wanted! Since Zack hadn't been home since starting university, and we were there, we took hold of the opportunity and brought him home with us.

It was a busy and wonderful couple of days!
Ian and Zack had some good catch up time together...
The four of us got to have lunch together one day while Ian got a short break from work.

We also had dinner as a family at home three nights in a row!!!
And that hadn't happened in literally years!!!!

Zack's back at school, Ian's still working, and John and I are back to our classes now.
If the rest of the year follows the path of the start it's gonna be a good one!
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