Thursday, April 22, 2010

Could I get any more behind on this blog?!?

No doubt... yes, I could! So I better just stop whining and add a little something while I'm here ;-}

I somehow had the misinformed impression that when we reached that famed "empty nest" stage that my days would be long and lingering and filled with... whatever I dreamed up I might like to do....HA!!!

Well, since it's the 21st of April...and I just added our March newsletter...and I see this item - that I began on March 25th....
OK, really!!!! that's all I got at the last sitting! Good grief!!!!

It's now Thursday morning, the 22nd. John is out since very early this morning in the cold rain laying sod in great effort to finish up a landscape project he took on for a friends new dental clinic grounds. So let's see what I can get to here...

Truly I don't know where to begin. SO much has gone on in the past loooong time since I posted!
Perhaps to start from the most recent and work my way back? Let's try.

The landscape project; Our dear friend, Miyako (my quilting guru ;->) spent the past year or so helping her middle son build a new dental clinic here in Nagano. They wanted to dress it up outside but weren't really thrilled about landscaping costs on top of all they just invested to build/set up a new office. Knowing John's background in golf Miyako asked if he might give them some ideas to do a bit and not spend a bundle. The wheels in his head clicked! So many hours and sore muscles later it went from this've got to be kidding me! I have no picture uploaded of the progression that's taking place... unbelieveable. Something to look forward to...:-0?

Last Saturday, April 17th, John and Mako scheduled their Easter Outing for this day for several reasons (yes, they were aware that Easter was two weeks before). Due to the end of one and start of the next school year and all the meetings and ceremonies that occur they determined that too many would not be able to attend if they did it any earlier. And besides - by then the weather should be much warmer - or so you would think. They had a total of over 100 parents and children signed up and had bought the food for the cookout and made all the preparations for presenting the Easter Story and having the Easter egg hunt. With their students they had colored more than 500 eggs to hide!

Early Saturday morning we woke to get started. Looked out the window...
Merry Christmas?????

So John and Mako start communicating trying to figure what to do. Reschedule? Cancel? Go for it and let God handle it? AHA! That felt like the right choice! Snow and all!
So we did our morning prayers and devotionals, loaded everything up and headed to the park!

A few of Mako's student families with babies cancelled - understandable. A few of both their students called or emailed to see if it was still on. God was at work! More than 80 people showed up bundled up and ready to enjoy!!

By the time we got to the park and unloaded the bulk of the snow had already melted off. Still, to see snow and cherry blossoms in the same setting was an unusual experience. (one of my students told me last night that it has been 41 years since there was snow on April 17th!)

With all the eggs "hidden" John began to explain the hunt and the Resurrection Eggs that were waiting to found to tell The Story!

Starting with the youngest he began to hand out baskets and the hunt was on!

After all? the eggs were found Pastor and Naoko collected the Resurrection eggs one by one and told The Story. Young and not-so-young listened intently.

John was busy at the grill so all could enjoy a sausage dog or two along with some pasta salad.
Thank you God for your amazing grace!!!!
**more to come...just don't ask when! ;-}

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