Monday, January 18, 2010

John's English Christmas Program

O.K. So obviously I'm (yet again...) wa-a-ay behind on this blogging thing.
To begin with I'll just add picture proof
of some of what's been keeping us meeting ourselves coming and going,
with a blurb about what they are.

John & Mako again held their joint program for their English class students and over 100 people joined in the Christmas fun.

John's younger students did really great spelling out "Merry Christmas"
and giving an English word for each letter.
Some of the Moms joined together to sing "White Christmas" -

in English! Of course!

They shared the Nativity Story so all would know the true reason for the celebration.
The "star- Baby Jesus" was just 19 days old!!

Naturally Santa showed up with gifts for all the kids to wrap things up.

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Charles, Heather, (little) Charles, and Will said...

WOW. The Nativity Scene picture gave me an instant flashback to a certain Angel big theatrical debut!!!