Monday, August 3, 2009

Osaka Inter High 09

Game 1 tip off!
This was a great game! The kind we're used to seeing Tokai Third play.
They had a good team rythm going and played good.

Zack had a team-high 33 points for the game :-)
12 of 19-2 point shots; 9 of 10 free throws;
8 offensive & 13 defensive for a total 21 rebounds;
1 assist; 2 steals and 4 blocked shots;
playing 33.33 minutes of the 40 minute game.
They won 105 -75 !!!

So a little celebratory souvenir shopping after the big first game victory.

A little 'I am so proud of you hug' from his proud Poppa.
Then some 'senpai' advice for the first year team mates.
This was a happy day!!

Sadly the second day was not.
They started a bit slow but picked up quickly in the 1st quarter of game 2.
A good lead at half time.
But they weren't finding that rythm they usually have and their shots weren't falling.
They held on til the final 35 seconds but couldn't make a shot

and the other team did...

Unquestionably their toughest emotional loss yet.
Now they're back at school training hard for the next tournament.
Hold your heads high and do your best !!
Thank you all for your wishes and prayers.

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