Monday, July 27, 2009

BBQ Baranski style

Bobby Flay's grillin' has nuthin on John Sensei's BBQ skills!
(if no one else gets that his daughters will ;-} )

John does some English classes in a nearby town for the children and friends of a doctor and his wife. They requested a BBQ for their clinic staff and the families of the students, so we went to work! They gave us the funds and left the shopping and menu to us. Pasta salad, garlic bread, chicken drummies, grilled pork, sausage links, and of course our favorite... beef brisket! and watermelon for dessert.

John Sensei - or as the kids called him this night - "Koku-san" (chef) - checking with the crowd to see what their favorites are.

And you can't have a summer BBQ without a few fireworks to end the event!

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Charles, Heather, (little) Charles, and Will said...

There is no cook like my Daddy!! Mmmm, his bbq chicken quarters.....yum!!!! And sweet potato surprise.....and sausage tacos.....and his recipe for orange roughy with the tomatos and cheese mmmm......and brisket tacoooossssss yuuuummmmmm!!!!!!!! I think I need to call the food network!!!!